Cyber Risk Management: The future is early

Don’t take it personally. Cybercrime is just business. The “entrepreneur” may be after money, glory, attention or some other objective, but in the end competition and economics prevail. Is it easier to break into your home or your neighbour’s to achieve their objective? What is the easiest way in?

If your conclusion is to throw a tonne of resources at building an impenetrable fortress, then you may have missed the point. Walls can be scaled. If you reinforce your windows, that will simply incentivise your attackers to try the hatch in the roof. Where does the spending end?

A more sensible strategy is to make calculated, adaptive, timely choices. The risk of cyber attacks is just that, a risk. And like any business risk, the appropriate response is to manage it with an appropriate amount of resources. Total prevention is ideal, but often does not support the economic argument. On the other hand, mitigation costs significantly lower than recovery. Early intervention minimises the impact of cyber attacks. Your attackers have broken through your roof hatch and are fumbling in the attic. Nothing has been stolen. Now pack up the valuables and calmly leave the building.

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Gabrielle Lovering